Tovala Classic Black Stainless Steel Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

4.4 by user reviews

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  • Metal construction is resistant to water damage and rust
  • Has a scan the store feature, allowing you to scan specific items so you can cook them to their best quality
  • Uses convection heating to toast your food more consistently and quickly
  • Convection heating means you will have to adjust the temperature based off the traditional oven baking recommendations
  • Black stainless steel design shows any spills or dirt
Product Description

Cook incredibly tasty, toasted food with the Tovala Black Stainless Steel Countertop Convection Toaster Oven. This toaster oven is built with baking, broiling, and steaming functions, adding flavor to your food as well as decreasing the cooking time. It has Smart Element IQ, which will maintain a set temperature better than most other toaster ovens. With a metal build, it is incredibly strong and able to withstand many years of use. Featuring convection heating technology, it toasts your food at lower temperatures and uses less electricity. Built with a classic design, it has turn-of-the-century inspired detailing that will add visual interest to your counter top. This toaster oven uses a combination of heated steam and radiant heat so that your food will be moist on the inside and brown on the outside. Made with a scan the store feature, it already knows how to cook your food to complete perfection.

Product Information
Brand Tovala
Functions Steam, reheat, baking, broiler
Heating Type Convection
Type Steam
Body Construction Metal
Style Classic
Color Black stainless steel
Storage Type Countertop
Convenient Features Scan The Store feature
Dimensions 17 x 19.8 x 14 inches
Weight 33 lbs