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No more reading through dozens of confusing articles to figure out which Avanti convection toaster oven you need! By reading this article, you'll have a better understanding of what types of toaster ovens are available on the market, so you can confidently buy one that will cook your food to crispy perfection.

Here's where you can learn all about Avanti convection toaster ovens. Avanti produces a wide range of products, which include large appliances and other kitchen appliances. Avanti was purchased in 1998 by Newell, an American worldwide maker, marketer and distributor of consumer and commercial products. Founded in the 1970s, it has been a leader in the consumer appliance industry for over 45 years. It is available The Home Depot and Amazon.

Convection toaster ovens have a fan that blows air inside the toaster oven to circulate the hot air all over. They ensure that there are no hot or cold spots, so your food will come out evenly cooked on all sides every time. Convection toaster ovens heat the entire chamber inside, so it doesn't take long for them to reach the desired temperature. They are more energy efficient than traditional toaster ovens because they distribute heat more evenly, which reduces the temperature and cooking time needed. However, they are generally expensive, so if you won't be using it often or will be using it just to warm up small meals, then you might want to consider something more affordable. Also, they require lower temperatures and shorter cooking times than regular toaster ovens, so you will have to modify any recipe's oven temperature and total baking time since most recipes assume you are using a conventional toaster oven.

Our Top Ranking Toaster Ovens:
Our Top Ranking Toaster Ovens
Best Overall Score
An image of Avanti MO1450TW Stainless Steel Convection Mini Toaster Oven

The Avanti Stainless Steel Convection Toaster Oven is a must-have item for any kitchen to make exceptionally delicious food. This mini toaster oven is great for small areas. This toaster oven is built with rotisserie cooking and toasting functions and is designed for rotisserie cooking, exposing all sides of the food evenly, for juicy taste. It features a stainless steel construction, which won't absorb stains or odors. This stainless steel toaster oven has a modern design that will match nearly every cabinetry style and color. Featuring convection heating, it will cook your food thoroughly, so it won't be too hot in some spots and too cold in other areas.

    • Stainless steel build will look great in any kitchen
    • Mini size will save space whether placed facing forward or sideways
    • Convection heating means cakes and breads are not as likely to raise
    • Stainless steel shade has a tendency to scratch and dent easily
    • Stainless steel construction is hard to keep it smudge-free
Runner Up
An image of Avanti MKB42B Black Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

Take your cooking experience to the next level with help from the Avanti Black Countertop Convection Toaster Oven. This toaster oven is built for baking, has a broiling function, and has a baking, broiling, and rotisserie cooking function, so you can make a tasty chicken for your family and friends. With a black design, it is a sleek and edgy option that will enhance your kitchen. It features convection heating, toasting your food consistently, so it won't be too hot in some spots and too cold in other areas.

    • Rotisserie cooking function exposes all sides of the food evenly for juicy taste
    • Convection heating toasts your food more consistently and quickly
    • Convection heating means your baked goods are less likely to raise
    • Black shade is more difficult to match with existing appliances
Best for Fast Toasting
An image of Avanti PPO84X3S-IS Stainless Steel Convection Toaster Oven

Make the most delicious meals using the Avanti Stainless Steel Convection Toaster Oven. This toaster oven is made with a stay-on feature for longer cooking time. Designed in stainless steel, it is a chic choice that will accent your kitchen with style. Constructed of aluminum, it is a durable yet lightweight choice. It is constructed for broiling, is designed for toasting, and has a baking function, allowing you to make anything from muffins to cakes. This convection toaster oven has a fan inside that circulates the hot air, so food will cook more thoroughly and at a faster speed. Its timer can be set for up to 60 minutes, making it easier to keep track of how much time remains before your food is ready.

    • Aluminum construction makes it a lightweight yet durable option
    • Baking function gives you a challenging hobby to begin
    • Convection heating means your baked goods are less likely to raise
    • Stainless steel hue shows smudges, marks, and fingerprints
    • Aluminum construction is a soft material that is prone to denting
How to Decide on Your New Avanti Convection Toaster Oven: Some Factors to Keep In Mind:
Which Material Is Best for Your Avanti Convection Toaster Ovens?
Stainless Steel Toaster Ovens

Trying to pick the ideal stainless steel toaster oven for your kitchen? We'll help you make your choice by giving you the facts. Stainless steel toaster ovens have superior corrosion resistance, which remains in good condition for long-term use. With materials that are easy to clean, they can be simply wiped down with a wet cloth or towel to get rid of any residue. Designed with heavy-duty materials, they are ideal for everyday use. They are usually insulated, improving the toasting efficiency by internally retaining heat. However, stainless steel toaster ovens will show fingerprints, so they require regular cleaning to keep them looking like new. Prone to scratching, they are more fragile than other materials. In addition, they are made with heat transmitting materials, making your bread colder faster and less appetizing. Decided on which material is a good choice for your home? Then why not have a look at this exciting product.

Aluminum Toaster Ovens

Trying to choose which aluminum toaster oven is best for you? We can help you make up your mind by providing you with the pros and cons. Featuring a rust proof design, aluminum toaster ovens can handle many years of use without showing any signs of wear and tear. They are easy to clean, so it'll be easy to keep them spotless and free from any sticky foods. Something to consider is that they are made with heat transmitting materials, so your food is more likely to lose its warmth and become cold. Also, they are easy to scratch, so they will need to be handled delicately in order to keep them looking nice. Think you know which material is perfect for you? Then consider this great option.