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No more reading through tons of confusing articles to figure out which Aroma stainless steel toaster oven you need! By reading this guide, you'll have a better understanding of what types of toaster ovens are available on the market, so you can confidently purchase one that will cook your food to toasted perfection.

Before deciding on your new Aroma stainless steel toaster oven, there's some stuff you'll want to know. Founded in 1977 by Peter Chang, Aroma strives to make products with its unique design to enrich and enhance people's lives. Aroma was purchased by Newell, an American worldwide maker, marketer and distributor of consumer and commercial products. It makes a range of products, which include commercial and residential cooking appliances. Aroma has done years of philanthropy projects, including the Missionaries of Charity in Tijuana, Mexico, one of the charities started by Mother Theresa. It has environmentally-friendly programs, using green, bio degradable packaging, water soluble ink, use of molded pulp, and has received an Energy Star for conservation.

With excellent insulation, stainless steel toaster ovens are better at retaining heat, resulting in even toasting. With a heavy-duty design, they use stronger heating elements to help them stand up to daily use. They feature superior corrosion resistance, remaining in excellent shape for long-term use. Built of materials that are easy to clean, stainless steel toaster ovens can be easily wiped down with a wet cloth or towel to get rid of any residue. Prone to showing fingerprints, they will require more regular cleaning to keep them looking like new. They are made with heat transmitting materials, making your toast colder faster and less appetizing. Another drawback is that they are easy to scratch, so they could look more worn down and dirty than they really are.

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An image of Aroma ABT-208S Black Four Slice Toaster Oven

The Aroma Black 4-Slice Toaster Oven is a much-needed item for any kitchen to make exceptionally delicious meals and snacks. This toaster oven is equipped with a full-range temperature control, which gives you plenty of temperatures to cook whatever meal you are wanting. Constructed of stainless steel, it will beautifully go with your existing appliances. With a sleek appearance, it adds a contemporary look to your counter tops. It is black, making it ideal for modern and industrial kitchen decors. The timer can be set for up to 15 minutes, so you don't have to monitor how long your food has been toasting for.

    • Stainless steel build won't clash with your existing appliances
    • Full-range temperature control acts just like a real oven with different temperature ranges
    • Black hue is more trendy than timeless and might go out of style
    • Stainless steel construction can get damaged easily
    • Four-slice capacity might produces uneven toasting
Runner Up
An image of Aroma ABT-426D Toaster Oven

3.0 by user reviews

The Aroma Toaster Oven is a much-needed appliance for any kitchen to make exceptionally delicious food. This stainless steel toaster oven will fit in with any kitchen decor, making it a practical appliance. Featuring a baking function, this toaster oven allows you to make anything from scones to cakes. It features a double door, which reduces heat loss and ensures faster toasting. This toaster oven includes a baking pan, a wire shelf, and rotisserie accessories. It has two racks.

    • Stainless steel build will resist wear and tear even with constant use
    • Baking function allows you to make anything from cookies to pies
    • Stainless steel construction shows fingerprints, dirt, and smudges
Additional Picks
An image of Aroma ABT-218 Stainless Steel Extra Wide Two Slice Toaster Oven

Whether reheating leftovers or toasting your favorite snacks, use the Aroma Stainless Steel 2-Slice Toaster Oven to make yummy food. This extra wide toaster oven can accommodate big items. Featuring a stainless steel shade, this toaster oven will look sophisticated on your countertop with its lustrous finish. It is made of stainless steel, naturally repelling stains and rust to keep it looking like new. Built with a detachable oil drip tray, it keeps your counters clean and free of oil. Featuring an easy-to-clean design, it can be simply wiped down with a wet towel or cloth to get rid of any residue. Its timer can be set for up to 15 minutes, making it easier to keep track of how much time remains before your food is done.

    • Stainless steel construction will look great in any kitchen
    • Designed with an extra wide build, making it ideal for big households
    • Two-slice capacity distributes heat evenly for perfect toasting results
    • Stainless steel hue shows marks, smudges, and fingerprints
    • Stainless steel construction can scratch easily
    • Two-slice capacity is not a good option for large families
If You Need Help Making Your Choice, Here's Some Additional Information About Aroma Stainless Steel Toaster Ovens:
Capacity for an Aroma Stainless Steel Toaster Oven
1-2 Slice Toaster Ovens

Looking for a toaster oven that will make exactly enough toast for your favorite sandwich? A 1-2 slice toaster oven may be suitable for you. We found three 1-2 slice Aroma stainless steel toaster ovens on the market. Click here to check one out. 1-2 slice toaster ovens distribute heat evenly for thorough cooking and excellent results. They have fast toasting, saving you time waiting for your food when you're hungry and ready to dig in. Typically made with one browning control button, they will limit your toasting options and possibly not being to your liking. They aren't the best for large households, so if you're looking for a toaster oven for your family to share, you might want to consider something that can accommodate more food.

3-4 Slice Toaster Ovens

If you're looking for a toaster oven that can handle your family's toasting demands, then a 3-4 slice toaster oven may be the best solution. We found three 3-4 slice Aroma stainless steel toaster ovens on the market, so keep reading to learn more. With increased cooking capacity, 3-4 slice toaster ovens save you precious time when your family is rushing to get out the door. Generally designed with a few browning controls, they give you complete control over how crispy you want your food. They have uneven toasting, so you might not get the quality of food you want. 3-4 slice toaster ovens are a bit bulky, so if you have small kitchen or limited space on your counter top, you should consider getting a smaller toaster oven. They aren't the best for large households, so if you're looking for a toaster oven for your family to share, you might want to consider one that can hold more food.