Westinghouse WTO1010B Black Four Slice Toaster Oven

4.1 by user reviews

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  • Steel build is a durable and rust-resistant choice
  • Auto shutoff turns off on its own
  • Baking function allows you to make anything from scones to pies
  • Black shade is harder to match with existing appliances
  • Steel build is hard to keep it fingerprint-free
  • Stay-on feature may become a safety concern if left on for too long
Product Description

Choose the Westinghouse Black 4-Slice Toaster Oven to cook and warm your food to perfection. This steel toaster oven will perfectly go with everything. Featuring a black hue, this toaster oven has a chic design that will look perfect on your countertop. It has a baking function, allowing you to make anything from cookies to cakes.

This toaster oven has a stay-on feature, so you can keep on cooking if your food isn't ready. It is made with auto shutoff, turning off on its own if you forget or the toaster oven has not been used for a period of time. It is designed to toast four slices of bread, making it perfect for large families. Constructed with a baking tray, this toaster oven is ideal for making cookies and other yummy snacks like french fries. It includes an oven rack and a baking pan.

Product Information
Brand Westinghouse
Functions Baking, warm, broiler, toast
Body Construction Steel
Color Black
Tray Type Baking tray, removable crumb tray
Safety Features Auto shut off
Convenient Features Stay on feature
Maximum Temperature 450 degrees F
Timer Maximum 15 minutes
Capacity 4 slices
Capacity 10L
Dimensions 11.4 x 14.6 x 8 inches
Wattage 1000W
Weight 6.2 lbs