Breville BOV650XL Silver Countertop Compact Four Slice Toaster Oven

4.2 by user reviews

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  • Stainless steel build resists rusts and looks great in any kitchen
  • Features an automatic cooking time calculator, automatically calculating the accurate amount of time it takes to make certain foods
  • Backlit LCD display easily displays every function and operation on the screen
  • Silver hue won't add much color to your kitchen
  • Compact build can't accommodate as much food as a larger toaster
  • Stainless steel build requires more maintenance
Product Description

The Breville Silver Countertop 4-Slice Toaster Oven is a much-needed item for any kitchen to make exceptionally delicious snacks and meals. This stainless steel toaster oven will beautifully match with any color. This toaster oven has a toasting function, so you can make any kind of toast you want within minutes. This compact toaster oven is a light and easy-to-move choice. It is silver, adding sophistication to your cooking area.

Supplied with an automatic cooking time calculator, this toaster oven leaves you to wait for your ready-to-eat snack. With three rack positions, it will fit easily in any position in the oven, depending on what you are making and how much heat it needs. Providing Element IQ technology, it will use more heat when and where it will be most utilized to maintain an ideal temperature for your snack. It has a clear-view glass door, allowing you to keep an eye on the toasting process. This toaster oven has a four-slice capacity, making it great for big families. It features a backlit, easy to read LCD display, which lights up blue when it is not in use and orange when it's preheating. It features two knobs and three racks.

Product Information
Brand Breville
Functions Toast, reheat, baking, broiler
Type Electric
Body Construction Stainless steel
Door Type Clear-view glass
Storage Type Countertop
Display Features Backlit, LCD
Size Compact
Heating Element Quartz
Technological Features Element IQ technology
Rack Features Three rack positions
Convenient Features Automatic cooking time calculator, non-stick interior
Capacity 4 slices
Number of Knobs 2
Number of Racks 3
Number of Pre-Set Functions Eight
Dimensions 15 x 17 x 10 inches
Wattage 1800W
Weight 20.5 lbs