Elite Cuisine ERO-2008SZ Black Convection Countertop Extra Large Toaster Oven

4.2 by user reviews

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  • Aluminum build makes it a strong yet lightweight choice
  • Designed with an extra large build, making it perfect for big families
  • Auto shutoff switches off on its own
  • Convection heating means breads and cakes are less likely to raise
  • Black hue is more trendy than timeless and might go out of fashion
  • Aluminum build is a soft material that is prone to scratching
Product Description

Choose the Elite Cuisine Black Countertop Convection Toaster Oven to warm and cook your food to perfection. This convection toaster oven has a fan inside that circulates the hot air, so your food will cook evenly and at a faster speed. With an aluminum construction, this toaster oven is a strong yet lightweight option. Designed with an extra large build, it can accommodate big items. This black toaster oven has a chic design that will look perfect on your countertop. It has a rotisserie cooking function, so you can make a delicious chicken for your family and friends.

This toaster oven features auto shutoff, which is an added benefit if you have a tendency of being forgetful or leaving food unattended. Featuring a ready bell, it indicates that your meal is ready to eat and enjoy. Built with a removable crumb tray, it keeps your counters tidy and free of crumbs. It has three knobs and eight pre-set functions for you to choose from. This toaster oven comes with a grill rack, a wire shelf, and removal tongs.

Product Information
Series Elite Cuisine
Functions Rotisserie, keep warm, baking, broiler
Heating Type Convection
Body Construction Aluminum
Storage Type Countertop
Tray Type Removable crumb tray
Size Extra large
Safety Features Auto shut off
Convenient Features Ready bell, power indicator light, adjustable temperature, stay on feature
Maximum Temperature 450 degrees F
Timer Maximum 60 minutes
Number of Knobs 3
Number of Pre-Set Functions Eight
Capacity 23L
Dimensions 14.5 x 17 x 15 inches
Weight 19.2 lbs