Faber Convection Toaster Oven

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  • Stainless steel build will go with any color
  • Has a baking function, allowing you to make anything from scones to pies
  • Convection heating means your baked goods are not as likely to raise
  • Stainless steel construction shows smudges, dirt, and fingerprints
Product Description

Use the Faber Convection Toaster Oven to warm and cook your food to perfection. Featuring convection heating technology, this toaster oven is ideal for cooking meat or vegetables as it will caramelize the outside for tasty results. This stainless steel toaster oven will look chic with any kitchen decor. It has a baking function, so you can try out new recipes from cookies to cakes. It has a power indicator light, which informs you when it is heating up and then makes a noise when the process is complete. This toaster oven includes a rotisserie fork & handle, a tray handle, and a wire shelf.

Product Information
Brand Faber
Functions Baking
Heating Type Convection
Type Electric
Body Construction Stainless steel
Heating Element Stainless steel
Convenient Features Power indicator light, light, viewing window, ready bell
Maximum Temperature 482 degrees F
Timer Maximum 60 minutes
Number of Heating Elements Four
Number of Knobs 3
Capacity 28L
Wattage 1500W