Nostalgia Retro RTOV220AQ Aqua Convection Countertop Large 12 Slice Toaster Oven

4.3 by user reviews

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  • Adjustable temperature prevents your food from over cooking or burning
  • Large size is great for big households
  • Nickel-plated racks have excellent wear and corrosion resistance
  • Convection heating means cakes and breads are not as likely to raise
  • Aqua hue can be too overwhelming in your cooking area
Product Description

Take your cooking experience to the next level with help from the Nostalgia Retro Aqua Countertop Convection 12-Slice Toaster Oven. With its aqua color, this toaster oven will add some life to your cooking area. It is large, so you can make bigger meals that wouldn't be able to fit in a smaller toaster oven. This convection toaster oven is great for cooking meat or vegetables as it will caramelize the exterior for tasty results. It has a baking function, allowing you to make anything from muffins to cakes.

This toaster oven features adjustable temperature, which prevents your food from burning or over cooking. It has nickel-plated racks, which have superior wear and corrosion resistance. Featuring a retro appearance, it will complement any contemporary appliances and kitchen decor that you may have. It has a clear-view glass door, so you can easily see what's happening inside the oven. Built with a removable crumb tray, this toaster oven keeps your kitchen counters clean and crumb-free.

Product Information
Brand Nostalgia
Series Retro
Functions Baking, broiler, toast
Heating Type Convection
Style Retro
Door Type Clear-view glass
Color Aqua
Storage Type Countertop
Tray Type Removable crumb tray
Size Large
Rack Features Nickel-plated racks
Convenient Features Adjustable temperature, stay on feature, power indicator light, ready bell
Maximum Temperature 450 degrees F
Timer Maximum 60 minutes
Number of Racks 2
Capacity 22L
Dimensions 18.5 x 15.5 x 11.5 inches
Wattage 1500W
Weight 12.8 lbs