Cuisinart CSO-300N1 Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

4.4 by user reviews

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  • Stainless steel construction will resist rusts and looks great in any kitchen
  • Easy-to-clean construction will allow you to simply wipe away any residue with a wet cloth or towel
  • Steam clean technology increases moisture retention of your meals
  • Convection heating means breads and cakes are not as likely to raise
  • Stainless steel build requires more cleaning
Product Description

Whether toasting your favorite snack or reheating leftovers, use the Cuisinart Countertop Convection Toaster Oven to make delicious food. This toaster oven uses convection heating to cook your food more quickly and consistently. Built of stainless steel, it will look beautiful with any kitchen decor. It uses a combination of radiant heat and heated steam, so your food will be brown and crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. With an easy-to-clean construction, this toaster oven can be simply wiped down with a wet towel or cloth to get rid of any residue. Providing steam clean technology, it increases moisture retention of your food.

Product Information
Brand Cuisinart
Heating Type Convection
Type Steam
Body Construction Stainless steel
Storage Type Countertop
Technological Features Steam Clean technology
Convenient Features Easy to clean
Timer Maximum 120 minutes
Dimensions 18 x 15.5 x 10.8 inches
Wattage 1800W