Oster Convection Countertop Extra Large Toaster Oven

4.0 by user reviews

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  • Stainless steel construction gives your countertop a chic appearance
  • Designed with an extra large build, making it perfect for big households
  • Auto shutoff switches off on its own
  • Convection heating is more fragile and has more breakable parts than other types of heating elements
  • Stainless steel build can scratch easily
Product Description

The Oster Countertop Convection Toaster Oven is a must-have item for your kitchen to make exceptionally delicious food. This stainless steel toaster oven will accent any decor from modern to traditional. This extra large toaster oven is great for big families since you can make more food at once. Designed with a broiling function, this toaster oven will require less oil than other ways of cooking. Featuring convection heating, it is ideal for cooking meat or vegetables as it will caramelize the outside for tasty results. It has adjustable temperature, which prevents your food from burning or over cooking. This toaster oven has auto shutoff so that you never ever have to stress about whether or not you forgot to hit the off button.

Product Information
Brand Oster
Functions Broiler, pizza drawer
Heating Type Convection
Body Construction Stainless steel
Storage Type Countertop
Size Extra large
Safety Features Auto shut off
Convenient Features Adjustable temperature
Maximum Temperature 450 degrees F
Timer Maximum 60 minutes
Number of Knobs 3
Dimensions 24 x 21.3 x 16.5 inches
Weight 25.6 lbs